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Hoang Sandwich

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As a college student one of the many treasures of daily life is great meal. With most not being fortunate enough to have something home cooked very often, anything really satisfying is valued high. Sticking to a college student budget is always a challenging task as well.

My first semester at UH was a shallow one, only going to class and back, never staying on campus or in the surrounding community. Somewhere during my second semester I came upon this place that would soon become a staple of my routine and another thing I could count on.

Hoang Sandwich, which is located on 3509 Elgin st. is something I became to look forward too. Upon entering, the lobby invites you in as if you just walked into the kitchen at your friends house. The small but welcoming and relaxed atmosphere provides a place quiet enough to read or place to enjoy great food with a friend.

The service is above par when considering the sub marginal service other Vietnamese eateries traditionally offer. The owner and his wife usually run the kitchen, it wont take them long to recognize you and welcome you with a smile each time you visit.

The speed of service is note worthy too, in all the times I went there I never once observed anyone waiting for their food for very long. To-go orders are a breeze due to the smooth service at this establishment. If you decide to stay and eat, after placing your order you can get situated and by the time you finish, someone will be looking to bring your food to your table. After enjoying your food you can pay or if you’re still hungry or could not get enough, you can order more!

Most importantly is the food, I have never ordered something I did not enjoy. The Bahn Mi which translates into bread or bread with meat are perfect hunger eliminators. The bread which always comes out perfectly toasted is home to fresh carrots and cucumbers, potent cilantro, cooked onions, and jalapenos. Ever since the second time I visited Hoang Sandwich, I have returned in order to subdue my craving for their delicious tofu sandwich.

The pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup is also delicious. It arrives at your table with steam that dances right to your olfactory senses. They also present you with the traditional side plate of fresh vegetables to accompany the pho. The egg rolls which are small (I can eat them in two bites) resemble what some places refer to as friend spring rolls. The outer layer is flakey and crispy. The tofu filling is seasoned in a subtle fashion and adequately accompanied by the hint of vegatables that also contribute to the tastiness.

Hoang sandwich offers up a traditional Vietnamese menu ranging from fresh spring rolls to pho,  and vermicelli to rice dishes. All items come at a prices that are college student friendly, the sandwiches especially!

From .50 cent fresh tofu egg rolls to 2.50 sandwiches, I have yet to discover a more welcoming place that is pleasant, and consistently satisfying. Finding an inexpensive but satisfying meals in walking distance from campus was one of the best things I have discovered while attending UH.

Hoang Sandwich is located on 3509 Elgin st. Houston, Texas. The establishment accepts cash only.


Food- ***

Service- ***

Decor- ****


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May 23, 2009 at 12:54 am

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